Saturday, July 16, 2005

Time Magazine, Embarrassed, Writes Comparatively Little on Judy Miller Case

Written from Homer, Alaska --

Time magazine was at its usual level of high competence on the war, specifically in relation to the London bombings, this week. It does as good a job as anyone in American journalism on the war issues.

But it had comparatively little to say on its own cop out to the government, and its failure to defend the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in the Judy Miller jailing.

That is not a surprise, since editor-in-chief Pearlstein will always be remembered for his cowardice in this sordid affair. His obituary will have this high. He might as well resign now, because he has achieved everything he will in journalism.

I'm indebted to Ed Guthman for reminding me that the First Amendment was specifically written with the point of view that the press would report things the government did not want reported. Time, no matter how good it is on the War on Terror, has given in on that principle to its everlasting shame, and its Washington reporter, Matt Cooper, who did not have the courage to join Judy Miller in jail, is just as bad as his boss.

Shame on Pearlstine and Cooper.

Time has long had a habit of consorting too closely to the government in the interest of maintaining its official sources. I remember when I was with the organization during Vietnam war days, their sellout to Lyndon Johnson and his gross errors in fighting that war was palpable.

Let's let Judy Miller stay in our thoughts. She is fighting for every reporter and editor in the land, and we need to support her in every way possible.

And what about the fascist columnist Bob Novak? Why isn't he in jail too? Why he been spared prosecution in this Bush Administration witch hunt.

And to what end? Karl Rove may have been the leaker, but George W. Bush is already walking on his pledge to fire those responsible for the leak.


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