Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Anchorage Daily News Stands For Something

Written from Dutch Harbor, the Aleutians, Alaska--

I've been impressed several times since arriving in Alaska with the Anchorage Daily News.

Last Tusday, the Daily News had a front page article on the danger to the polar bear if global warming should continue. In spare, but detailed and often eloquent language, the article not only outlined what will happen to the animals if the Arctic ice should melt, but it detailed all the evasions of Alaska lawmakers who have failed to stand up to the Bush Administration's failures to do anything about global warming.

This article named names and hopefully it will do some good the next time Alaska's Republican members of the Congress have to vote on this issue.

On Friday, Anchroage Daily News coverage of the London bombings was monumental. It carried story after sotry, page after page. Unlike its Canadian neighbors in the press who say so little about world affairs that they leave their readers in the dark, the Anchroage paper is fulfilling its resposibilities to inform the people in full.

Best, however, was the column by Publisher Bill J. Allenl, who unlike the publishers of the Nerw York Times and Los Angeles Times doesn't simply kep silent at critical times.

Under the column entitled, "Islamic War," Allen writes, in part:

"Maybe, it once again will be clear to even the worst of the Bush haters in Washington and elsewhere in the world that we are, indeed, at war.

"The enemy is known. Sen. John McCain, (R-Ariz), spelled it out in the hours after four terrorist bombs in London yesterday killed at least 37 and injured hundreds.

"They are extremist Islamic fundamentalists."

"And their purpose, he said, should be evident.

"Thye want to destroy everything we and our friends across the sea believe in."

"You haven't heard many such comments of late, especially from the Democratic left in Congress and in the never never oand of Hollywood where film stars and directors take every opportunity to deman and assail President George W. Bush, and who blame the U.S. for fostering terrorism.

McCain, among many others, sees things differently.

"If we fail to take the fight to the enemy,. the enemy wioll take the fight to us."

And that's what happened in London during the morning rush hour...

Too bad, Allen doesn't live in Los Angeles and serve as publisher of the Los Angeles Times.


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