Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Jailing of Judith Miller By UnAmerican Federal Judge Should Be Strongly Resisted By The Entire Press

Written from Kodiak, Alaska --

The jailing of New York Times reporter Judith Miller by a federal district judge who does not believe in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and thus should be regarded as in violation of his oath of office, is an act of stupidity and cowardice that deserves the resistance of the entire U.S. press.

Thomas Hogan, the judge, should be ousted from the judiciary forthwith, and there ought now to be an uproar the federal judiciary as a whole will never forget. For they are ready to do in the principles upon which the country was founded.

Years ago, at Harvard Law School, it struck me that the justice system was utterly corrupt and I left the school after four months. I have never regretted the decision, because there is rarely such a thing as an honest lawyer. It is a terrible profession in every respect. And as the years have gone by, fortified in their squalid dishonesty, lawyers and judges have behaved ever more dishonestly.

Dishonor to Matt Cooper and Time magazine, who gave in. What a disgrace. They are not representative of the press.

What should happen now? The press ought to react with a barrage of articles about crooked judges. There are many of them, and there are few honest ones.

And once again, why has the Bush Administration gone after Time and the New York Times, and not Robert Novak, the fascist columnist?

We know the Thomas Hogans of the world. They are the enemies of democracy and free government, just as surely as the terrorists in the Middle East.


Anonymous Mick said...

Robert Novak is a "fascist" columnist?

Most judges are "crooked" and few of them are not?


You're starting to sound like a real loon, Reich!

7/06/2005 7:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


7/08/2005 8:24 PM  

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