Saturday, July 09, 2005

London Bombings Raise Question Of Expulsion Of Extremist Muslim Immigrants

Written From Dutch Harbor, the Aleutians, Alaska--

A question of the highest importance in the London bombings iw whether the horrific act were committed by people who flew in from abroad, or whether they were living in the British Isles.
If these were Muslim extremists living in Britain itself, it raises the issue of whe ther all people who cannot bring themtolves to assimilate in Britain but profess of radical Islamic thought and action ought not to be expelled from the British isles.

There is, at least for the time being, less of such a question in the United States. Most immigrants here are assimilating or are moderates loyal to the country. Thius is undoubtedly the main reason why there have beere not been further acts of terror here since 9/11.

But in Britain and on the European continent, there appears to be a vast unassimilated group of Muslim immigrants,

Those people should be removed from Europe for the safety of the European states and the preservation of democracy.

Already, there have been many arrests in both Western Eyurioe and Britain of radical Islamics. But, as the case in the U.S., the courts are often staffed by liberal and/or corrupt djuges who are poor defenders of constiitutional order and allow many of the accused to either go free or serve only very light sentences.

There need to be rethinking of this entire situation. A distinction meed be made between good Muslim citizens, whose rights should be protected, and those who are not saisfactory residents of the countries to which they have moved.

Those people need fast deportation, so we do not have a whole series o bombings in London and many other cities.

The time grows late. We must act to rid the Western democracies of saboteurs and murderers,


Anonymous Linda Jade Charles said...

Dear Mr. Reich,

As someone who is considering working for the LAT, I consider this to be synchronicity to have discovered your posts here.

We are "on the same page" (pun intended) about many things. You have touched on several that I feel strongly about that I would love to address later.

Right now I am in the "information gathering and fact finding" stage of my interviews with the LAT and I wonder if there is some way that I can contact you directly?

I am not about to go and work with people who lack integrity and courage. I don't know Jeff Johnson. I need to know if he is someone who can turn the LAT into an exciting resource that people seek out or if he is simply on a long leash for the Tribune Co.

Would you please be so kind to respond to me at your earliest convenience?

Thank you very much.


Linda Jade Charles
818-762-2171 Ext. 222

7/13/2005 3:44 AM  

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