Saturday, July 09, 2005

Judith Miller Is A Political Prisoner Of Disloyal Judiciary

Written from Dutch Harbor, Aleutians, Alaska--

As the distinguished columnist Richard Reeves points out, New York Times reporter Judith Miller is a pol;tical prisoner, to be in jail more for her thoughts than for anything she has actually reported.

The federal judge Thomas Hogan is disgracefully currying favor with the Bush Administration by sentencing Miller to jail in violation of the First Amendment to the U.S. Consitution and other judges reaching up to the U.S. Supreme Court have gone along thus far with the rravesty.

At a time when the country is at war, reporters such as Miller are needed more than ever for the expression of free opinions.

But in a case which reminds one of a kangaroo court, the squalid Judge Hogan has cast aside the values of freedom and the virtues of the Constitution to take Miller away from society and try to scare other reporters into cowtowing to the courts the way the cowardly Time correspondent, Matt Cooper has now done.

And why if there is any case at all, has the author of the offending column, the wacky Robert Novak, not been summoned to name who his confidebntial sources were in naming a CIA agent, an act contrary to federal law?

Hogan's ambition, his lack of principle, his craven disregard of the Constitution, stamps his as one of the lowest representative in the speckled history of the federal judiciary, the same bunch who once held a Negro slave was not a citizen and who kept Negroes improperly segregated for more than half a century.

But the issue is far bigger than Hogan/s foolish acts. We see more and more that the legal profession is a menace to our free society. We all know lawyers and judges we respect, but all too often, whether it's the tax dodge, the dishonest maneuver or the judge retiring into a well paid private practice, the country is confronted with a disreputable profession which needs reining in by Congress and the rest of us.

The first Amendment is at the heart of American democracy. It must be defended, even if the breach between the press and the legal profession becomes much deeper.

Richard Reeves writes, "Judy Miller is just the best known of the ordinary citizens being sent to jail for malicious thinking about our emerging police state.

Judge Hogan wants promotion to a higher court. Instead, he appears to on the road to becoming another Molotov, another Beris, and nother of those cursed individuals who stand against freedom


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