Monday, July 11, 2005

Press Tributes To Resilient British Don't Blame Them For Attacks AGainst Them

Written from Dutch Harbor in the Aleutians, Alaska --

In the many tributes in both the press and on television to the resiliant people in London who have not allowed themselves to have been cowed by the murderous bombings last Thursday on their public transport system, there is much to admire..

What is thankfully missing is all the speculation that marked liberal circles in the U.S. after 9/11 that somehow America was guilty for the attacks against American targets.

No one yet seems to have blamed Britons for getting attacked, except for a few suggestions the government there was not zealous enough in preventing the terrorism..

It is frequently the case that the victims are blamed for the assaults against them. All kinds of excuses are made by wouldbe appeasers who sought to explain the aggresive conduct of the attackers. Such was the case with Hitler and Mussolini. Years went by while their position was explained and emphathized with.

In fact, neither us nor the British have done anything that condoned the attacks on innocent people working in the Twin Towers or riding the subways or buses.

And no one should expect us to forbear defending ourselves. These Middle Eastern crowds who welcomed the latest attacks should, indeed, be punished stringently for their criminal attitudes until they give them up and seek once again to live in a peaceful and civilized manner.


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