Wednesday, July 13, 2005

British Successes In Identifying Terrorist Bombers Should Lead To Deportations

Writen from Dutch Harbor in the Aleutians, Alaska==

Human rights as I understand them gives no one the right to immigrate to a country and then commit violent acts in that country.

That is why the British successes in recent days at identifying prime suspects of the subway and bus bombings of last week are so important.

The next step is to get rid of all those who have moved to Great Britain and turned out disloyal to it. Those people should be deported speedily to their countries of origin.

Also, I believe Pakistan independence should be cancelled by the United Nations Security Council and that country placed under a UN Trusteeship until such time as training camps for terrorists be closed in that country.

Major action is now required to terminate terrorist rights, or the time cannot be far away when the U.S., Britain and other Western countries are attacked by atomic, biolgical and/or chemical weapons. To avoid this catastrophe, religious extremists should be removed from Europe and the Americas and truateeships created in the Third World to end terrorist training.

Radical action? Yes, of course, it is, but the emergency is growing. Millions of lives are in jeopardy unless we act to insure our safety and that of our allies. The New York Times estimated Sunday that between 10,000 and 15,000 sympathizers of al Queda presently live in Britain and about 600 have been trained to be terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan

They should be removed, as the British deported thousands of miscreants in the 19th Century to Australia, and never permitted to return. In this matter, there must be no
We cannot expect such proposals to be accepted right away, but they must be dput on mercy.

I do not fool myself any of this will be easy. But the proposals must be made now to condition pbblic opinion for the important steps to be taken later.

Those who would commit murder in the subways and on the buses have lost their rights. Aside from life somewhere else, we owe them nothing


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