Friday, July 22, 2005

London Situation Calls For Crackdown On Muslim Fanatics

Written from Anchor River, Alaska --

The critical situation on the London transportation system is a wakeup call to all countries, including our own, with substantial Muslim minorities.

Let's be clear: Most Muslims who have moved to the West are loyal to the countries they've moved to and seem anxious to prove that loyalty.

However, a fanatical minority hold to precepts that are out of accord with democratic forms of government, especially in a willingness to use violence, the most extreme form of which is suicide bombings, to realize vile ends, and a willingness to pursue discrimination against women.

These people do not belong in the West. They need to be sent back to their countries of origin, and the time is not long in which to do it. Otherwise, the contagion of suicide bombings will spread throughout the world, and make life a misery in the West.

The present war forces us to reevaluate policies of tolerance. Tolerance is mandated when people are content to live peacefully within the Western systems. If they are not, then tolerance is not a working policy.

The preoccupation this summer with the War on Terror has become overriding. This is now the number one issue throughout America, Europe and Australia. Ordinary life is being disrupted by the turbulent few, and those few must be dealt with speedily.

No one, regardless of beliefs, has any "human rights" to go out and bomb innocent commuters riding the subways and buses. They must be struck down with the most rigorous means we have available to us.

Otherwise, the present critical situation will only grow worse, and the time will come when these evil people will obtain weapons of mass destruction they will use to kill millions.

A critical sorepoint is also Pakistan, a dictatorship which already has nuclear weapons. Back in 1947, Britain made a critical error when she bowed to the wishes of Jinnah, a Muslim fanatic, and agreed to partition India. It is not inconceivable that that error will have to be undone.

Soon after this blog was posted, word came of a new terrorist outrage against tourists in Egypt, another so-called "friend" of ours in the Middle East, which does little or nothing to protect tourists. There have been regular attacks murdering tourists there. This latest is in Sharm al Sheik, where reports list 49 killed and 200 wounded in blasts at luxury hotels and the market. The dead included members of at least four European nationalities, including Britain.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now Ken, we all know that racial profiling is VERY BAD ...

7/22/2005 2:56 PM  

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