Thursday, July 21, 2005

Bad News About Tribune Cutbacks And David Shaw

Written from Seward, Alaska --

I must apologize to my readers about the number of typos in recent blogs. Here, the libraries frequently limit time on the Internet, and I don't have the required time to straighten out everything.

There is bad news today, first about the grave condition of David Shaw. At David's request, some of us had withheld news of his brain tumor, but now comes word that he is in a coma.

I have known David and respected his abilities for a long time. We all miss him, and pray for his recovery. He faced his illness with the greatest courage. All we can say at this time is that we hope for the best for him and his family.

The New York Times story on John Carroll's departure makes it plain that he left early in disgust at the policies of the mediocre journalism represented by the Tribune Co.

These, as I've remarked before, have sold out on their original promises made when they took over the Times and other Times-Mirror papers, perhaps as a result of ignoring provisions in Harry Chandler's that banned sale of the paper.

It has been apparent for a long time now that the Tribune was an unsuitable owner. It behooves all of us to work to find new owners for the Times and get rid of these Easterners, who would never have California interests at heart.

Please share any information with me that could help me seek out new owners, and perhaps take legal action that would invalidate Tribune control.

If Carroll did leave in a kind of protest, as seems likely, he has my admiration, despite past disagreements. However, it would be better if he were to take some responsibility for the sharp decline in Times circulation under Tribune control. He is in efror, in my view, when he makes public statements that the content of the paper has nothing to do with these declines.

Anyone who would name Michael Kinsley editor of the editorial pages, as Carroll did, bears some responsibility for the scores of thousands who have cancelled their subscriptions.


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