Saturday, July 23, 2005

Time Magazine Sinks Deeper Into Dishonor With Articles on Rove and Cooper's Conversations

Written from Homer, Alaska --

Norman Pearlstine, editor in chief of Time Inc., sunk into dishonor when he caved into the courts and the special prosecutor and began discussing Karl Rove, his White House correspondent, Matt Cooper, and the Valerie Plame case. Pearlstine should have gone to jail hinself rather than disgraced himself..

Now, after a week of saying little, Time gives the Valerie Plame leak and Rove full treatment. Cooper even has an article on what he told the Grand Jury, when he should have told the Grand Jury nothing.

Time let Judith Miller of the New York Times go to jail alone, standing up alone for press rights under the First Amendment, when it should have stood fast by her side.

Cooper's article this week, which I just read in the Homer Library, is extremely self-serving. This cop-out should have written nothing. Now, he has confirmed for all the world what a cop-out he is.

He says Rove gave him permission to discuss their conversation. This can't be so, because Rove stands to lose his job, and he has been utterly unwilling to confirm his complicity in all this. He could not with any sincerity given Cooper the right to discuss their conversation when it was originally on deep background, and still, for all intents, remains on it.

Cooper's career is over. He just doesn't know it yet. And Pearlstine? Since he is the boss, he may last a while longer, but he shouldn't.

All honor goes to Miller. Disgrace to Cooper, Pearlstine, the columnist who published the leak, Robert Novak and his conspired with the Administration to hide his responsibility, and some disgrace to American papers who haven't stood up daily for Judy Miller.


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