Saturday, March 26, 2005

New York Times Distribution Is Great

Written from Albuquerque, New Mexico

Stopping for an hour in Albuquerque Friday afternoon on the Southwest Chief, it took me just minutes to find a fresh copy of the New York Times just around the corner from the Amtrak station. During an eight-day trip back East and through 20 states in all, I never failed to find that day's copy of the New York Times.

Had the Los Angeles Times enhanced rather than grossly cut back its national edition, and paid attention to the demographics of the newspaper business, the LAT would be in a far different position today. The Wall Street Journal discusses this this week in an article on John Puerner's demise as publisher of the L.A. Times.

New York Times circulation has dropped in New York City, but its circulation nationwide continues to climb. The reason is aggressive distribution of the newspaper. In traveling widely since retiring, only in Montana and Idaho have I been unable to find the daily NYT here in the United States.

These are tough, challenging times for all of us. LAT has to keep up if it hopes to prosper.


Anonymous Mickey Finn said...

I agree that Mr. Rutton's column was thoughtful and timely. Especially in view of the reckless rhetoric being tossed around by self-professed Christians and the well organized relgio/political lobby. The following is a letter I sent to the Times regarding his column:

Tim Rutton remarks that the Schiavo case has tested the press to its limit. I disagree. The most striking feature of the whole spectacle has been the reluctance of the mainstream media to recognize the raw face of fanaticism even as it fills our television screens and newspapers. Practically nothing is said or written about the backgrounds of the radical clerics and their minions who organize these sickly pseudo-events, leaving the impression that is simply People of Conscience converging on Florida to bear witness and catch some rays.

It appears that the simple word "religion" tends to dignify intolerance, ignorance, and self-righteousness while muffling opposition and obliging critics to tread carefully. The public voice of ethical and spiritual propaganda as it flows from the religious right poses an urgent question: If the promoters are expressing the results of their sacred thoughts, then aren't many quite common kinds of sacred thinking genuinely dangerous to our freedoms and our legacy of tolerance? History is rife with examples of the evil that can occur at the hands of the morally certain.

3/26/2005 11:00 PM  
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