Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Bryan Williams Not Making A Very Dynamic Impression at NBC; Daryn Kagan Does Better At CNN

Now that he's been the NBC nightly news anchor for awhile, Bryan Williams doesn't seem to be making a very dynamic impression. Maybe he requires a big story, which he hasn't had, to shake things out, but right now, Williams is, gasp!, no Dan Rather.

I don't know how his ratings look, however.

Ratings are not central with me, as with, I suspect, most news watchers. I like what I like, and that's all that counts with me.

In this vein, I do very much like CNN's Daryn Kagan, on the 7 a.m. morning news (California time). She is incisive, comes across well, handles many subjects in a few minutes, and is not above showing some emotion, which Bryan Williams seldom does by the way.

I particularly enjoyed the moment awhile back when a man Kagan was interviewing suddenly, on the air, asked her out. The way Kagan said she was "very busy" for the foreseeable future did her credit.

CNN is trying, but not all of its newscasters are effective. Kagan is, and I won't stop watching her newscast just because of a rumor she may become Rush Limbaugh's fourth wife. She can't have good emotional judgment on everything.

The New York Times reports today, March 15, that quite a few French newspapers, like American ones, have lost circulation. In the latest reporting period, Le Monde dropped 4.1% to 330,768, Le Figaro declined 3.1% to 329,721, Liberation slumped 7.8% to 139,479 and once-successful France Soir dropped 11.6% to 62,197, shockingly low for a Paris paper. Les Echos, a financial paper, and L'Equipe, the sports paper, were up, however.

I hope the L.A. Times would drop Michael Kinsley as editorial pages editor before hitting 62,197, but we can't tell for sure. The Times is down by several hundred thousand just since the Tribune purchase.

On my recent cruise to Antarctica, many passengers told me they thought, in the age of the Internet, many daily newspapers would shut down. I hope not!


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