Sunday, March 13, 2005

Endorsement of Bill Rosendahl In The 11th L.A. Councilmatic District

I'm proud to add to my endorsement of Antonio Villaraigosa for mayor an endorsement of the candidacy of cable tv executive Bill Rosendahl in the Los Angeles 11th Council district runoff.

Rosendahl will add intelligence and independence much needed in the Council and has broader real experience monitoring government than his opponent, Flora Gil Krisiloff.

Krisiloff is more the establishment candidate, having the endorsement of the outgoing councilwoman Cindy Miscikowski, now termlimited out, and others. Miscikowski did a good job as councilwoman, but that does not legitimately entitle her to choose her successor.

I think the interests of new blood are important in these races.

Years ago, as a Times political writer, and before the unwise term limits were widely instituted, I used to debate endorsement policy with Bill Thomas, then the editor of the Los Angeles Times.

Thomas, as he explained it to me, felt that unless there was good reason to remove an existing officeholder, he would generally endorse him or her for reelection.

I had a different philosophy. I felt that unless the officeholder had established a commanding reason to be reeelected, it was better to endorse a challenger, provided they were responsible and honest. "It's time for a change," was an important operative slogan for me, since I think government often benefits from a new point of view and I think, in time, establishment-oriented candidates have less value.

Rosendahl is honest and conscientious, to my knowledge. I think he has proven, on Century Cable, his fairmindedness. I hear he did not make the best of impressions when he showed up to the Times editorial offices for an interview. But, given the lack of talent that now characterizes the leadership of those pages, that may not be a bad thing.

Los Angeles needs new blood. The electorate should vote for Villaraigosa and Rosendahl.


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