Monday, February 28, 2005

Kinsley Must Go

Stanley, Falkland Islands

In relation to the dispute between Susan Estrich and Michael Kingsley, let me say urgently, Kinsley must go. He is uncivil to Californians, he does not return phone calls, he does not care a jot for local issues. He does not live in Los Angeles. I will have more to say about this Friday when I return to Los Angeles.


Blogger shelly sloan said...


Susan Estrus (sic.)is allegedly getting a blog started, at

Your readers should watch it, as we can all have a chance to express how we feel both about Kinsley and about Estrus (sic.).


3/02/2005 8:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The page one puff piece in today's LAT on Korea is truly disgusting. There was not one contrary word or question by the reporter of the "affable" North Korean diplomat. What next? Maybe they can find some affable old Nazi, Stalinist or Cuban diplomats for their next stories.

3/03/2005 5:22 PM  
Anonymous Dennis Mosher said...

Thursday's page 1 North Korea article was nothing more than a press release from the Pyonyang regime.

It was atrocious. No news. No analysis. No tough questions. Just the standard North Korean party line.

A good reporter would have told Mr. Anonymous to call the advertising department if he wanted the Times to print this stuff. A good editor would have tossed this story.

Amazingly, the same paper that ran the magnificent King/Drew expose chose to waste paper and ink on this fluff PR piece. North Korea has caused AT LEAST as much misery and death as has King/Drew Medical Center. But this murderous regime sure receives kid gloves treatment from the Times.

Ken, I know Kinsley's lefty editorial section is your main complaint, but look at what their putting on page 1.

-- Dennis Mosher

3/04/2005 7:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Diane Demick's page A3 story in today's paper is almost as bad. To summarize, the North Koreans would be nice if Bush would be nice to them.

I understand Demick has a history. Earlier, her constant theme was that Israel was responsible for most everything wrong in the Middle East.

3/04/2005 8:21 AM  
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