Thursday, May 29, 2008

DNC Should Resist Placating Slimy Clinton Forces

It is vitally necessary, out of fairness, and with regard to Democratic chances in the fall election campaign, that the Democratic National Committee group that meets Saturday to consider the matter of the Florida and Michigan delegations, not take any step that would placate the ugly Hillary Clinton effort to break rules she once agreed to, or would recognize the results of the spurious primaries in those states.

If the DNC group, the Rules and Bylaws committee, feels sitting any delegations from Michigan and Florida at the Democratic National Convention is advisable, and I think the country as a whole will understand if it does not, then the number of Hillary and Obama delegates seated should be equal, so that nothing will be done to change the ultimate course of the convention, or give Hillary any excuse for continuing a campaign which long ago on her part turned divisive and ugly.

Hillary has been beaten by Obama, fair and square. Hopefully, her political career will be over after her current term in the Senate. Her remark in South Dakota suggesting that she would stay in the race just in case Obama were assassinated went so far beyond the pale of ordinary political discourse, and was so repugnant and ugly, that the country should be through with Hillary Clinton from now forevermore.

Let's review the facts. All the Democratic presidential candidates agreed that since Florida and Michigan violated party rules, by setting their primaries too early, they would not campaign in those states, nor would those states have representation at the convention.

Obama, who customarily adheres to the highest ethical standards, observed those rules. He didn't campaign in either state and his name was not even on the ballot in Michigan.

But Hillary, unlike all the other candidates, violated the rules. She made appearances in both states, and now she argues that the delegates from both states chosen in the spurious primaries should be seated.

Already, there are hints that Hillary and her husband, the nefarious former President Bill Clinton, will cause trouble for Obama in the fall, if they can. Bill Clinton remarked this week that the press had been prejudiced against his wife, and before much longer it seems likely that the Clintons will be talking in general about conspiracies to destroy her chances in the entire race. The Clintons love to see conspiracies when, in fact, they are responsible for their own failures.

Another matter that is of concern at Saturday's meeting is the influence of this election campaign on future ones. If the Democratic National Committee doesn't stick with the rules it set in this go-around, it will be an open invitation for states to ignore them in the future, with multiple negative effects in 2012 and beyond.

So the DNC group must stand by its principles on Saturday. The Clintons have been trying to organize demonstrations outside the meeting. Obama's campaign has wisely asked his supporters not to demonstrate.

Let's hope all goes well, and there is a stand on principle. If not, Democratic chances in this election, not to mention future ones, may be compromised.



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