Friday, May 23, 2008

Clinton Sinks To New Abysmal Low

Sen. Hillary Clinton's suggestion, in a South Dakota newspaper interview that she is not quitting her campaign, because Sen. Barack Obama may get assassinated between now and the Democratic convention is a new low in what has been for months now a disgraceful campaign.

An apology is not enough in this instance. Clinton should bow her head in shame and let the American people off the hook by quitting not only this campaign but, I believe, the U.S. Senate. We should not have sitting senators who are suggesting that their political opponents might be assassinated.

In her continual use of racial undertones, in her clear serving of Republican interests in her improper assaults on Sen. Obama, Clinton has exhibited a woeful lack of integrity now for months.
She and her gruesome husband, Bill Clinton are blots on the American political scene. Let them disappear publicly forever. We cannot abide such scurrilous conduct.

Damn this woman, damn her husband, damn everything they stand for.



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