Thursday, May 22, 2008

Clinton Should Renounce Racist Votes For Her

Written from Seville, Spain--

If Hillary Clinton has a decent sense of American history and ethics values, she should renounce any and all racist votes cast for her in the primaries and caucuses.

An exit poll taken of the Kentucky votes cast for her, showed 21% said they were influenced by race in their choice. What a disgraceful figure for this state, the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln.

Clinton has contributed to this burgeoning figure by the racial undertones of her campaign. She said she didn´t know if Obama was a Muslim, when it was clear he was not. She talked incessantly about the white vote, as did her husband. The racial innuendo became a feature of the Clinton campaign.

It is time for it to stop, if Clinton wants to maintain a shred of her reputation as she continues to serve in the Senate after, thankfully, losing the nomination to Obama.

I notice that Sen. Robert Byrd, a member in his youth in the Ku Klux Klan, endorsed Obama soon after his home state, West Virginia, voted massively for Hillary, partly on racial grounds. Byrd, oldest member in terms of service in the Senate, recognizes that America has changed. That, and, judging from Senate endorsements, Obama is liked better than Hillary there. Jay Rockefeller, the other West Virginia senator, also endorsed Obama.

Commentator David Gergen, one of the best, made the point about Hillary renouncing racial voting on CNN Tuesday night, and he is certainly right.


Meanwhile, I´m pleased to report I´m out of a hospital in Cadiz, Spain, after a little more than a day, where I had to go after my defibrillator discharged 17 times, all apparently in error. We turned the defibrillator off, while I make my way back to Los Angeles. I had to leave the Prinsendam two days early.

My son, who now speaks excellent Spanish after months in Spain and Argentina, argued forcefully over the phone with reluctant Spanish doctors that the defibrillator should be turned off, as did my great Los Angeles doctor, Ray Matthews of USC University Hospital. He will put in a new defibrillator next week.


--Oil has now reached $135 a barrel on the world markets, and it is high time that the U.S and other oil importers take this matter to the U.N. and ask for a cost sharing of oil profits. That and other action against OPEC and other greedy forces in the oil industry and elsewhere. It´s time we spoke up for ourselves and other countries which have fallen victim to these scoundrels.



Anonymous Anonymous said...


Should Mr. Obama renounce the racially motivated votes that he received too? Without those votes he might not of won Illinois. And Hillary's margin of victory in Indiana would've certainly been wider with a rebalancing of Gary Indiana's voting results. If that was the case, then this primary would still very much be in doubt.

You're right Hillary has been playing the race card. Her true offense however is not knowing how to play it as subtly and effectively as her husband did. The fact that many black Americans consider/considered Bill Clinton as "America's first black president" is truly ridiculous.

5/22/2008 2:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The notion that Hillary Clinton and her husband are racist just strains credulity since both have a decent record in civil rights. Indeed, many blacks still support Mrs. Clinton's candidacy. But it's obvious her detractors, including Republicans whose party has done almost nothing to advance race relations in this country, will simply say anything to attack her. Like you, they show no fairness or common sense.

5/23/2008 9:22 AM  
Anonymous another old fool said...

"If Hillary Clinton has a decent sense of American history and ethics values, she should renounce any and all racist votes cast for her in the primaries and caucuses."

How does one determine a racially motivated vote? This secret ballot. Should there be a separate "Is your vote racially motivated? Yes__ No __" on the ballot?

I seem to recall that some months ago Hillary Clinton was the Democrat that polled highest among African-Americans. Maybe my memory is bad but I seem to recall supporting Obama was viewed as a useless effort among black voters at the time according to pollster analysis. Back a winner. Support Hillary.

Obama scored as the anti-war candidate in Iowa, not the black candidate. How many black voters are there in Iowa? Only later did he get tagged the "black candidate". I think Bill Clinton had a lot to do with this change in perception. Somehow his face or name keeps popping up in this regard.

Never underestimate a Southern Democrat. Particularly if his name is Bill Clinton.

5/23/2008 3:27 PM  

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