Wednesday, April 02, 2008

North Korea, Gaza, Even Dubai, Evils Persist

Written from Takoradi, Ghana--

No matter that some situations, like in Zimbawe, show signs of improving, there are many that seem intractible.

We hear today that, once again, the duplicitous North Korean regime, which has repeatedly welshed on the commitments it made last year to eliminate its nuclear weapons programs and provide a full accounting of what it developed to the U.S. and other countries in exchange for aid, is threatening the new South Korean president and has expelled many South Koreans there to help its economy. It shows once again that nuclear proliferation is very hard to eliminate when we have people like Kim Il Jong in the world.

Then there was a story in the International Herald Tribune yesteday about the hatred being officially spewed by the Hamas regime in Gaza, comparing Jews to vermin and calling for eradication of Israel. These too are scoundrels, and if they have to be destroyed to stop cease issuing venom, and rocketing Israel, they should be.

Also, today, there's a story out of Washington that the United Arab Emirates, which would like to invest in the U.S., has been taking U.S. exports with military components and reexporting them to Iran and Syria. Repeated efforts to stop this have been resisted. American soldiers are dying in Iraq, because Iran has been sending detonation components originally produced in America to Iraq.

There are rumors, too, that United Emirate interests have bribed the Clintons. We may find out, if Hillary ever releases her tax returns. And my son-in-law tells me that some Arabs are circulating the rumor that Barack Obama is Jewish. The reason is that his first name is similar to Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak's last name. Poor guy. He is damned no matter which way he turns. Yet he bravely carries on.

It is truly a dangerous world, and it is clear we need a new President who will keep America as safe as possible in these treacherous times, and is not afraid to take military action when necessary. On Dec. 26, this blog endorsed Obama for the Democratic nomination and John McCain for the Republican. I will make up my mind finally between these two candidates later, and will be endorsing no others in the fall.

Also, I note that Gov. Bill Richardson has an Op Ed page piece in the Washington Post defending his endorsement of Obama as an example of loyalty to the country. He is responding to the scullilous assaults of James Carville and other Clinton patsies that he sold out Hillary with the endorsement.

Richardson is eminitely qualified to advise the American people on who he thinks would make the best president. We owe him our deepest thanks and highest respects.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Richardson is just looking to be on the winning side and Judas is as a good term as any to describe his self-serving switcheroo of loyalties not long after he watched the Superbowl with Bill Clinton. Suprising that you, a Republican Clinton hater and war monger, would now say that the so-called liberal Richardson, who called for withdrawal of American troops from Iraq, is "eminently qualified" to advise people on how to vote.After all, the Clintons, whom you hate, advanced his career. Surely that should give even you pause before delivering your uninformed pronouncements.

4/02/2008 11:13 AM  

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