Thursday, March 20, 2008

Obama's Speech Shows Him To Be A Great Man

Written on M.S. Prinsendam, Approaching Madeira--

The New York Times is beginning to appreciate what a mistake it made when it endorsed Hillary Clinton, a sleazy campaigner who has stooped to play the race card, for President. Now, it calls Barack Obama's great speech on race the other day, a "profile in courage," and is honest enough to acknowledge:

"Obama's eloquent speech put Wright, his beliefs and the reaction to them into the larger context of race relations with an honesty seldom heard in public life...He not only cleared the air over a particular controversy, he raised the discussion to a higher plane."

It's not surprising. It is becoming evident that, like Lincoln, Obama has the supreme moral authority to be a great President of the United States. This great speech was reminiscent of Lincoln's House Divided Speech of 1858: "A House divided against itself cannot stand...I do not believe the House will fall, but I do believe it will cease to be divided."

But Lincoln was elected with only 39% of the total vote, largely because the Democratic party was divided between Douglas and Breckinridge. Obama may have just as rough a road to hoe, especially in the Pennsylvania primary.

Still, those who support Obama can truly be proud of their position. He is a candidate worthy of American history.

Not worthy of any kind of history is Sam Zell, stupid and shortsighted owner of Tribune Co., who now wants to cut back the Los Angeles Times Washington bureau by six to eight staffers. Zell is a rigid simpleton of the Mark Willes, Dennis FitzSimons stripe, or worse.



Blogger Surfsister said...

L.A. CityZine editorial on the issue

3/20/2008 3:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your sea-going dispatch on Obama's speech isn't very insightful, white man,and fails to even mention his long time pastor and mentor, The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who inspired his remarks. I get the impression you are another Republican who knows nothing about the racial divide which Obama supposedly wanted to transcend and then brought us back to it because he was forced to--not by Hillary, your favorite villain, but by TV and cable endlessly replaying Wright's understandable Get-Whitey rhetoric. Obama, who dedicated his book to Wright, should have talked about his mentor sooner rather than later, but such a distinction seems to escape a racist rightwinger like you who is more interested in clobbering Hillary than helping any black folks. Your hypocrisy is as stunning as your ignorance.

3/22/2008 7:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you mean "row to hoe?"

Hoeing a road would be tough, even for a guy self-identified as a summa from Dartmouth.

3/29/2008 3:00 PM  

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