Sunday, March 30, 2008

Myron Levin Right On Money About Sam Zell

Written from M.S. Prinsendam, after Senegal an The Gambia--

I cannot resist complimenting our esteemed colleague Myron Levin for his parting e-mail to the L.A. Times staff.

Myron notes with precision that Sam Zell does not know so much as a 10-year-old lemonade stand operator when he "trashes the product."

This is strictly accurate. This guy is a prime number one jackass when he denigrates the L.A. Times. It's time he started behaving better. It's time he stops denigrating the L.A. Times.

What a jerk!

Myron Levin has done a lot more for the L.A. Times than Sam Zell ever will.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Reich,
When you return to the U.S., I'd like to talk to you about your coverage of Senator Thomas Kuchel of California.

Your visit to Senegal reminds me of Senator Kuchel's trip to that country with then-Vice President Lyndon Johnson in 1961. A year later Johnson reminisced about his Senegal trip in a speech to a labor convention in Chicago. As the story goes, LBJ spoke on and on about the touching sight of a mother nursing her infant in a hut, how he witnessed the universal wonder of the mother-child bond, etc., etc.

After attending the LBJ speech, a Kuchel aide asked the Senator if he had visited a hut in Senegal with Johnson. Kuchel said, "Yes, all Johnson said was 'Look at that little son-of-a-bitch' and walked out." The Kuchel aide used this as a prime example of LBJ's tendency to embellish.

Travel safely.

3/30/2008 3:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Reich,

Absolutely on the money, as usual.

Please tell us a bit about your cruise.


3/31/2008 5:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read the fine print.

Undoubtedly, it's the wicked Thimerosal Queen shooting sparks all over the place.

"Too many children slipping through the cracks" versus "too many children melting away into Autism".


Find a kid with measles and hug him. Get it over with. The shots aren't worth Autism.

I don't care what the humanitarian profiteers think. Mercury is wrong. So why are they still doing it, and telling America they aren't?

4/19/2008 2:02 AM  

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