Wednesday, January 05, 2005

New York Times National Sports Doesn't Give All The Scores, Even A Day Late

On a morning that The Los Angeles Times renders tremendous coverage to USC's National Championship rout of Oklahoma, it is a good time to note that the New York Times National Edition circulated in California found the game too late to cover at all.

Without question, a day late, the NYT will cover the game,

But most often, the NYT sports section doesn't bother to pick up scores of the games in basketball and football that are too late for the previous day's deadlines.

This is a serious gap in New York Times national coverage. If you want those scores, then you're going to have to find them some other way than reading the NYT.

The New York sports columnists are good. But with the exception of separate sports sections Sunday and Monday, the NYT has only a few pages of sports sandwiched at the end of the Business section or toward the end of Section one.

The Los Angeles Times has terminated its National Edition altogether, while the New York Times National Edition continues to grow, taking a bigger and bigger proportion of NYT overall circulation.

Still, it would be a good thing, if the NYT picked up the scores it misses from its earlier deadlines, that is if it does care about being a newspaper of record.


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