Friday, December 31, 2004

L.A. Times Editorial Page Ends Year with More Whining

The Los Angeles Times editorial pages, after being completely overwhelmed by the New York Times editorials and op-ed page articles on the tsunami disaster, ends the year this morning (Dec. 31), as one might expect, with another whining editorial on the results of the Presidential election.

Let me say it clearly: It is time to send Michael Kinsley packing.

In the editorial, "The Year of Karl Rove," once again the Editorial Page is jumping all over the Bush reelection campaign without mentioning that the L.A. Times did not even have the courage to endorse a candidate in that campaign.

Of course, we do not know if Kinsley wrote the editorial. Judging from his weekly column, he can't write. But he is responsible for what appears on the page.

I'm going to uncharitably assume therefore that in blaming the results of the California legislative elections, with no partisan change in a single seat, also on Rove and the Bush Administration, Kinsley is totally ignorant of the redistricting process in California. He apparently doesn't realize that the Democrat, Mike Berman, drew the redistricting lines, as he has for many years.

It is shocking to Kinsley and company that Rove and the Bush Administration stood for something in the recently-concluded campaign, "disregarding the textbook notion that successful presidential candidates need to relentlessly tack toward the center."

Kinsley and his ilk should accept some of the blame themselves for the Bush victory, since their screeching got many people's backs up and helped solidify the President's support. Even with the screeching, however, Kinsley, still didn't have the courage to support Sen. Kerry, which most of those doing the screeching did.

Kinsley should be dismissed -- and without delay for the good of the newspaper.

Happy New Year!



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