Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Maybe, Following The Angels, The LAT Should Be Renamed

If the Anaheim Angels can legally be renamed the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, The Los Angeles Times can be renamed The Los Angeles Times of Chicago.

The Times, in a front page article today, makes fun of the Angels name change.

But, after all, The Times is not the traditional Los Angeles Times these days. It is run out of an organization, the Chicago Tribune, whose leaders show so little regard for California interests that they order cutbacks without even visiting The Times' offices. And its Editorial Pages editor votes in Washington state, as he disclosed on Sunday.

A reader, Neil Morchower of Irvine, writes today, "Here is my wish list for 2005. I wish for a new editorial board. I wish for a more moderate opinion writer than leftist Robert Scheer."

How highly appropriate when Scheer, just today, Jan. 4, has another scurrilous column, this time attacking the Latino the President has nominated for Attorney General. On the same day an editorial assaults the only black member of the U.S. Supreme Court. The Times, hijacked on its editorial pages by Michael Kinsley and Bob Scheer, doesn't believe in diversity when the minority members of the government are outspoken conservatives.

No, The Times will not be renamed The Los Angeles Times of Chicago, we all know that. But the paper these days is increasingly offensive to much of its readership, just like the Angels have forfeited the trust of their fans by a nonsensical name change.

And the leading telephone company and leading bank belong to Southern business interests. California is being forgotten, I'm afraid. We live in strange Times, to descend to a pun.


Blogger Dennis Mosher said...

In Sunday's lead editorial hammering Bush for being slow & stingy on tsunami relief, a passing reference was made to Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers, describing them as a "terrorist" group.

The Times news columns routinely refer to Al Qaeda, Hamas and Zarqawi the Beheader as "militants." So these Tamil guys must be really bad. I guess the editorial writer forgot that the T-word is a no-no these days.

I'll never fathom this latest element of political correctness that seems to have been embraced by the entire journalistic community (not just the Times):

If you play the violin, you are a violinist.
If you commit arson, you are an arsonist.
If you practice journalism, you are a journalist.
But if you crash jetliners into skyscrapers, you are a "militant", as in a strong, forceful advocate for your point of view, sort of like Greenpeace or PETA.

-- Dennis

1/04/2005 8:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the LAT changes its name to reflect the Chi Trib I'd recommend something like the "Tacky Times", because the Trib is a pretty hinterlandish paper, far more than the LAT or a few other major dailies are, and not commensurate for a town of the stature of the Windy City.

If I were a Chicagoan, I'd ignore the local outfit and instead buy the NYT, or I wouldn't even bother subscribing to any paper, period.

As for Scheer, since I already know his shtick, I've learned to bypass many of his columns the same way I bypass the rantings of my jabbering old uncle.

1/06/2005 2:09 PM  
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