Saturday, June 07, 2008

Can Obama Win In November? I Think So.

I'm always a little superstitious, so I am repeating, in spirit, a blog headline I had back in January: "Can Obama Win On Super Tuesday? I think so."

When the Mountain West and Southern states came in that day, despite losing California, it was Barack Obama and not Hillary Clinton, who had won the most convention delegates. He did win on Super Tuesday, when many thought he would not.

Well, contrary to some of my friends, I feel Obama can certainly win in November. In fact, just as with Ronald Reagan, he may not be the favorite at this stage, but I believe his election is fairly certain.

I went out to lunch in China Town yesterday with a friend of long political experience who kept telling me, "He won't win, because he's black...This country hasn't changed that much." Yet this man is an Obama supporter. "I will stand on my head if Obama wins," he said.

My friend ought to start practicing standing on his head. Since he weighs about as much as I do, that won't be easy. But he's going to have to do it, I believe.


Because the country is ready for something new. In fact, it is grasping for a less divisive government in Washington, after eight years of Clintons and 12 years of Bushs. It would like a new foreign policy, too, and new, inventive energy and economic policies. It is ready for a change.

Barack Obama can provide it. He is a ray of hope in a somber scene. Already, his campaign has been epic, mythic. Our grandchildren, I believe, will be telling stories to their grandchildren about the emergence of Barack Obama.

The product of a biracial marriage, of growing up in Indonesia and Hawaii, of increasing brilliance in a series of fine schools, president of the Harvard Law Review, a community organizer in Chicago, a state senator in Illinois, a U.S. senator, an inspirational figure whose composure is already famous, a soaring orator, a patriot, a loving father and husband, and, I think and hope, the next president of the United States of America.

It won't be easy. John McCain is a good candidate, I believe, really, a better candidate than Hillary Clinton. He won't make the tasteless remarks she did, and he won't have an unruly spouse hanging around his neck. He is a war hero whose own life has been exemplary.

But the issues, the feeling, in this campaign are all with Obama. He is going to win many votes from independents and even people like me, Republicans. He is something new, a man of hope, and, black, brown, yellow or white, I believe the American people will not allow this great opportunity to pass them by.

Yes, he can!


Hillary Clinton gave a respectable, serviceable concession speech today, but she could and should have been a little more laudatory about the great personal qualities of Obama. It wouldn't have hurt her cause any. It may even have helped her.



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