Sunday, March 02, 2008

Press Animus To Clinton Reflects Rotten Candidacy

Written from Palm Springs, California--

When the press becomes deeply hostile to a candidate, as became the case with Richard Nixon and has become so with Hillary Clinton, it reflects a deep knowledge that they do not offer the American people anything good.

That is the whole truth about the present situation. Many members of the Fourth Estate have come to perceive Barack Obama and John McCain as honorable candidates who offer a choice between often sharply conflicting views, especially on foreign policy. This blog endorsed them for their respective party presidential nominations Dec. 26.

With Clinton, there is a perception she is an awful phony, a screeching, whining harridan who would be a disastrous president, unfit in every respect for the Presidency.

The conduct of Clinton and her tempermental, philandering husband, Bill Clinton, in the last weeks, in particular, has been disgraceful. They have proved themselves what was only partially evident until recently, to be Southern racists of the old stripe, white trash dresssed up in gaudy garments.

Let's hope the people of Texas and Ohio, who may settle the Democratic primary fight, are not fooled. When they vote on Tuesday, they have as near a good and bad choice as these things rarely get. Obama is in every respect a more intelligent, principled candidate than Clinton.

I remember the foolish woman who once told me that Sam Yorty and Max Rafferty were men of the highest character. The people who think highly of Clinton are of the same order.

So not only the press corps, but the whole country will be watching Tuesday, and we pray for a good result, removing L'll Abner's low class Dog Patch from the contemporary scene and launching the nation on a new, truer course.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another blast of anti-Hillary hogwash from a chauvinist pig who apparently hasn't read the endorsements of Sen. Clinton from the NY Times, Newsday and a few other places that wouldn't let a low life like you in the door. Many in the "Press" for which you presume to speak would never be so brain dead as to compare her to Richard Nixon. She's no angel, but a hate monger like you doesn't even qualify as mediocre.

3/02/2008 12:28 PM  

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