Saturday, March 01, 2008

Hillary Clinton: Whining, Gutless And Two Faced

Written from Palm Springs, California--

Now, we're seeing the real Hillary Clinton, and she is not a pretty sight. Along with her husband, the mediocre former president, Bill Clinton, she will stoop to nothing to get herself elected. It turns out the Hillary opponents were right all along.

A sporting candidate, locked in a tight race, would restrain himself or herself, not campaign in such a way as to give the other party's presumptive nominee, in this case, Sen. John McCain, ammunition to use against the Democrats in the fall. That was the point of the Republican 11th Commandment a few years ago. For a long time, most Republicans went along. Clinton has been inappropriately negative about fellow-Democrats all along.

Clinton has made the contest with Obama a nasty race, implicitly racist, dishonest about her own record, exhibiting fake emotion, whining about an honest press simply trying to do its job, calling cravenly for votes from women simply because she is a woman.

To all this, Barack Obama has responded by pointing out some truths, and they are nothing more, really, than Matt Bai pointed out months ago in a New York Times magazine article.

One, Clinton voted for the war in Iraq. She can't honestly claim now to be against it, particularly since it is by no means likely she would honor her promises to withdraw troops. She is a hawk in sheep's clothing. McCain has an honorable, consistent position for the war. Clinton is two-faced. Obama is against it. The voters will have the final choice.

Two, Clinton was for NAFTA and now she doesn't like it. She waited until the Ohio primary to make her latest position clear. After Ohio, she will have yet another position.

Three, Clinton was for federal anti-bankruptcy legislation, and against it. In this as on other issues, she doesn't have the strength of character or the fortitude to take a position and hold to it.

Clinton and her husband are in cahoots with every special interest that will give them money.

Clinton has persistently refused to release her tax returns, in all likelihood because they would show income from unsavory sources, and very possibly that she has been cheating on her taxes.

Reminiscent of Richard Nixon? No, Nixon was more honorable.

It's now up to the voters of Ohio and Texas. If they aren't fooled, this will be all over Tuesday, and we will never have to hear from the Clintons again. They are an ugly episode in American history. They demonstrate the truth of the old adage, that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. They have grown more corrupt as time has gone on.

Fortunately, we have two honorable candidates for President -- McCain and Obama. Both have views of their own, consistent and honestly expressed, that will allow voters to make a clear choice between them.

But the Clintons, they belong in the trash can of history.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

lighten up old chap. You're beginning to write your screeds like you're in the throes of hysteria...or maybe dementia.

3/02/2008 6:29 AM  
Anonymous Jean Mounier said...

While we may arguably have "two honorable candidates for President," we unfortunately do not have a conservative candidate.

3/02/2008 8:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your press releases singing the praises of Obama and McCain wouldn't pass muster at a high school--nay grammar school--newspaper. Why don't you ever mention McCain's involvement in the savings and loan scandal or Obama's questionable dealings with indicted real estate developer Tony Rezko who got the candidate his dreamhouse in an upscale neighborhood some years back?Enuff of fancy words like "honorable"--try a few facts for a change of pace when you discourse windily on the presidential race.

3/02/2008 9:05 AM  

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