Thursday, April 05, 2007

Mahony Steps In It, Once Again

Roman Catholic Cardinal Roger Mahony has besmirched his own sorry reputation once again by his inappropriate and unAmerican remarks on California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez's support for legislation to allow patients who face death the drugs by which they might kill themselves if they decide to spare themselves further pain and suffering.

As L.A. Times columnist George Skelton wrote today, Mahony is "looking like an ugly old police attack dog" with his "extreme and dogmatic" statements, which may well violate the concept of separation of Church and state.

Mahony has the same right as any American to freely state his opinions. But Californians will know how little to respect the opinion of a man who lied through his teeth in order to protect pedophile priests in the Catholic Church, who failed as cardinal to discipline such miscreants from those they molest, who failed to cooperate with prosecutions against them and who stands shamefacedly in the public limelight as unworthy to hold any high post in the Church.

As I've written twice before in recent months, Mahony ought to resign. If he doesn't resign, if he continues to protect pedophiles and smears political leaders of California, he must be forced out with open public protests to the Pope in Rome. I'm sure Pope Benedict would rather get rid of Mahony than see thousands of disillusioned Catholics leave the Church.

Why was the Boston archdiocese able to get rid of its miscreant cardinal, Bernard Law, and yet Mahony holds on, dishonoring the archdiocese of Los Angeles?

Meanwhile, we must thank Speaker Nunez for standing up on his own two feet and serving the public interest, as he understands it.

And thanks to George Skelton for giving this issue the attention it deserves.



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