Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Zell Sounds Like He Might Alter LAT Editorial Page

Written from San Carlos, California

Sam Zell, in an interview published today in the Chicago Tribune, says he hasn't been paying much attention to the L.A. Times editorial page, and he named three columnists he likes -- all more hardheaded realists than the Times has been featuring.

Zell named Charles Krauthammer, Tom Friedman and David Brooks as his favorite columnists, which is what you would expect from a man who is a strong supporter of Israel, and has a big interest in the Middle East.

Zell has said his main interest in buying Tribune Co. is economic and not editorial. However, it is to be expected that he will exert some control over editorial policy. I look forward to it.; The quality of L.A. Times editorials have nowhere to go but up.

Also, he did not appear to be very interested in making Eli Broad or Ron Burkle his partners, and took a shot at criticisms they had voiced of the bidding procedure.

Stay tuned. There are interesting days ahead.


The Iranian government has done the right thing in agreeing to release the British hostages it had held for nearly two weeks. Perhaps, talks are now in order between the West and the Islamic Republic.



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I'm a reporter with the Forward and I'm hoping to speak with you about the Tribune purchase. Could you email me at

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