Friday, October 06, 2006

Already, The Lies Have Begun About David Hiller

Already, this morning, the new L.A. Times, now under the total control of the squalid Tribune Co., as it works to downgrade the newspaper, has begun conveying falsehoods about the ouster of Jeffrey Johnson as publisher and his replacement by the low life lawyer, David Hiller.

We see it in Michael Hiltzik's story this morning mentioning Hiller's former associations, and omitting the fact that he worked with star chamber prosecutor Ken Starr.

We see it in the tone of the weak Rainey story, with no mention that in the midst of personal trials and tribulations, disease in his family, Johnson was summarily forced out without so much as a word of honest explanation.

We see it in Hiller's assertion he hasn't made his mind up about what to do in Los Angeles.

In fact, he is here under orders to implement the Chicago subjugation of Los Angeles and the bastardization of the Times.

This man, as Frank Cruz, a commentator to yesterday's blog said, should be shunned. He should be forced out of Los Angeles, on a rail if necessary.

There is no place for the Tribune Co. in Los Angeles, and new methods must now be used to remove this awful company from the L.A. Times, from Los Angeles and from California. Not only has Tribune insisted continually on cost cuts and profit increases at the Times, but it has refused permission for efforts to reverse the circulation slide and enhance the web site. It and its executives are profoundly negative, a disgrace to even the business world.

Incidentally, it is noticeable this morning that the Times editorial page has no editorial on yesterday's events. The reason is the cowardice of editorial page editor Andres Martinez, the man who dismissed all the Pulitzer Prize winners on his staff. Martinez values only one thing, and that's to save his job. He should be among the first to be removed when the Times reverts to local ownership.

I sympathize with editor Dean Baquet, who wants to fulfill his responsibilities. But his role has been sabotaged already, and I think he should resign and go somewhere where his talents will be better appreciated. Certainly, he cannot subject himself to the direction of such a contemptible character. All we need to know about Hiller to know he's no good is that he works willingly under Dennis FitzSimons and Scott Smith at Tribune Co.

Again, there is no place in California for the Tribune Co. It must be removed, and all nonviolent means to that end ought to be used.



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