Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bomb The North Korean Nuclear Facilities--Now

--written from Carlsbad, California

The time has come to stop mere words on the North Korean nuclear threats and take action, bombing the North Korean nuclear sites. It ought to be done without further delay.

North Korea's threat to test its nuclear weapons must not be met with further bluster. Two American administrations, Clinton's and Bush's, have said that a North Korea nuclear capacity is unacceptable. Since the foul dictatorship of Kim Il Jong apparently is not listening, we ought to act.

The cost and danger to the U.S. of the North Koreans being allowed to further develop their nuclear arms is immense. If a nuclear device is exploded, it probably means that Japan, and even possibly South Korea will develop nuclear weapons as well, since they could no longer trust in the U.S. to take timely action against the North Koreans. And we cannot rely on a fledgling anti-missile program of our own to reduce the danger to American cities of a nuclear-armed North Korea.

President Bush accurately called North Korea and Iran part of an axis of evil several years ago. Now is the time to act on North Korea and, if the Iranians go on with their nuclear enrichment, it will be time to act on them too.

Certainly, we cannot count on the United Nations to act to preserve the peace. We see already in the Middle East how worthless UN assurances are, as they waffle with implementation of the peacekeeping force in Lebanon and refuse to fight their way into the Sudan. This is an organization that is dying, and, pretty soon, in the world it's going to be each country for itself.

North Korea has gone too far with its threats this morning. And perhaps an attack on the North Korean coast also ought to include missile launching facilities. Despite the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, we have forces at the ready in the Far East, and they should not be used.

Fifty years ago, it was a mistake to end the war with North Korea in a truce. Now, we are paying for that folly.


Sen. Bill Frist, the Republican leader in the Senate, says on a visit to Kabul he is convinced the Afghan war cannot be won, and we ought to negotiate to bring the Taliban into the government. This would be like making an agreement to cut your own throat. Thank goodness, Frist is leaving government. He does not belong there.



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