Thursday, August 24, 2006

Kidnapping Turns More Deadly In The Middle East

The New York Times this Thursday morning puts on page one the demand of an hitherto unheard of Muslim group in Gaza for the release of all Muslim prisoners of Americans within 72 hours in exchange for the release of two Fox Network journalists it kidnapped last week, Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig.

Since it's obvious that America's Muslim prisoners will stay in prison, the lives of Centanni, an American, and Wiig, a New Zealander, would seem to be in jeopardy.

There's been a terrible change since the days, such as in Lebanon in the 1970s, when terrorists would kidnap Westerners and hold them for years without, however, taking their lives. Now, often their lives are forfeit, just as in Iraq, where kidnappings by Muslims largely of other Muslims but sometimes also of American soldiers and contractors, have proliferated. The bodies of victims are often found with multiple signs of torture. sometimes decapitated.

There remain cases, like that of journalist Jill Carroll in Iraq, where victims are released, sometimes for ransom and sometimes for other reasons. Judging from Carroll's series of articles in the Christian Science Monitor, she may have been let go because the chief of her captives fell in love with her.

But by and large, Muslim Fascist brutality is growing month by month.

Some countries, such as Israel, long ago had enough. Israel has appropriately fought back, and in the recent war in Lebanon the Israelis also went after those sheltering terrorists in their homes, hiding their rockets, giving them sanctuaries from which to prey on the innocent.

For this, the organization Amnesty International, in a perversion of right thinking, accused the Israelis yesterday of war crimes. But it is not a war crime to defend oneself against brutal enemies out to kill you, and that's what the Israelis have been doing. Like the Muslim charities which support the killers, Amnesty International ought to be closed down and its own leaders charged with crimes against humanity. They fail to understand, and show no willingness, to cope with the existing situation.

Today, the Middle East Media Research Institute has an article on the Arabian cleric who has posted instructions of exactly how to kill Americans and other Westerners.

It's clear it's only going to get worse, unless the war against these awful people is pursued with all vigor. In many cases, the right course is to try to kill them before they kill us.

In an L.A. Times editorial today, we have another of those appeasement arguments -- in this case about Iran and its nuclear plans -- that contends there is little we can do other than employ weak sanctions.

This is baloney. When nuclear weapons are acquired by such evil people as the Iranian mullahs, the presumption has to be that they are planning possible mass murder. Violence against these people is the only correct course of action really open to us, if we are to prevent that happening.


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