Saturday, August 19, 2006

Kofi Annan And the U.N. Fall On Their Faces Yet Again

How dare the secretary general of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, suggest that Israel is breaking the cease fire in Lebanon, when he has failed to stand so long as a week up to the mission to disarm Hezbollah, and remove the terrorists from the northern border of Israel.

It is already evident that if it is up to the U.N., and its pitiful international peacekeeping force, Hezbollah will recover every position it held prior to the war and be ready again to serve its Iranian and Syrian masters to try to eliminate the Jewish state. So much for the 15-0 vote in the U.N. Security Council to establish the cease fire.

Now, Annan says the international force to be implanted in Lebanon will take no military action to disarm Hezbollah and that the provisions of Resolution 1701 adopted just eight days ago must be accomplished through negotiation. That means they will never be implemented, because negotiation with a bunch of terrorists is no way to accomplish anything.

Israel did not go to war lightly, and it desires that the war end. But if Hezbollah is allowed to rearm, the war must resume and the Lebanese government, so insincere and such a weak pawn of Iran and Hezbollah, must be made to suffer again until it knuckles under. Fouad Siniora, the Lebanese "prime minister," is committing treason against the Lebanese people when he fails to even try to implement the terms of the U.N. resolution, which ordered, among other provisions, an embargo against outside rearmament of Hezbollah. Siniora is bidding to become an architect of his own country's ruination. When he accuses Israel of "crimes against humanity," he should look to himself for the ultimate responsibility for the carnage that has taken place, and realize that his fatal weakness invites more.

This is the meaning of the Israeli commando raid on Hezbollah positions near Baalbek Friday night. The raid was aimed at disrupting the continued flow of arms from the aggressor nations, Syria and Iran, to their terrorist associates.

Meanwhile, it was revealed yesterday that the United State took its own steps during the earlier fighting to block Iranian arms deliveries to Hezbollah. When an American satellite took pictures of sophisticated Iranian missiles being loaded on two aircraft destined for Syria, the main transhipment point, the U.S. refused permission for the Iranians to use Iraqi air space in their projected flights, and the Turks told the Iranians that if their flights were going to use Turkish air space, they would have to be inspected. The Iranians promptly turned the flights around, unloaded them, and when they did arrive in Turkey for inspection, they were only carrying innocent items.

When we see once again how the U.N. cannot live up to its own resolutions, how it has already been a facilitator, not an inhibitor, of genocide in Darfur and Rwanda, how its "peacekeeping" force along the Lebanon-Israel border did nothing before the war to inhibit Hezbollah attacks, it becomes more and more evident that this is a worthless organization and like the League of Nations before it, should be relegated to oblivion.

Certainly, there is no reason to believe that it will have the mettle to do anything substantive about the nuclear armament of Iran and North Korea, which are the most serious threats to world peace to emerge since the Nazis and Imperial Japan.

Meanwhile, after allowing his son to steal money from the sale of Iraqi oil, after failing to keep faith with his own prior statements on the conflict in the Middle East, after making himself an accessory to terrorism time and again, after numerous other failures, Annan should be forced out of the United States and told never to return. He is in his own way as big a scoundrel as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran.


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