Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Arab Raiders, Not Content With Murders in Sudan, Threaten Chad

In all the world of rapacious, aggressive Islam, there is no more dastardly series of attacks than have been going on in the Sudan, where Arab raiders sent by a barbaric government have been murdering African villagers in the Darfur region, several hundred thousand of them, without respite.

Now, the aggressors threaten thousands of more innocents in next-door Chad, and it is dawning on the NATO countries that unless they intervene with massive force, the slaughter will only go on.

No foreign correspondent has paid more attention to this series of violent acts than Nicholas D. Kristof of the New York Times. No one who has tried to resist these killers deserves more honor for doing so than he does.

Kristof, the same columnist who exposed the rape by a Muslim clan of an innocent woman in Pakistan for what her brothers were said to have done, has tried to organize trips of other journalists into the afflicted region, so the outside world can become more aware of what the Sudanese are doing. He tried to get Bill O'Reilly of Fox to go, but he would not go.

Now, however, Ann Curry of NBC has gone. She is ready to testify as to seeing the awful things going on routinely, despite a pathetically-armed African Union force of 7,000 designed to discourage the mayhem.

The Sudanese pack of scoundrels once gave refuge to Osama bin Laden, and the Sudan was attacked by American missiles under the often irresolute Bill Clinton after the assault on our East African embassies in 1998. Then, the Sudan turned to weaker targets.

It is now time for a more massive attack, to show these criminels they can no longer get away with what they have been doing. It should be an attack they will not be able to ignore.

We should become fed up with what is going on in the world, or it will get even worse.


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