Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Cardinal Mahony Should Obey The Law

Written from Saratoga, California--

Cardinal Roger Mahony has every right, like other Americans, to lobby for a change in U.S. immigration laws. But I don't believe it is proper for him to give orders to his Archdiocese to ignore or violate those laws.

As in the child abuse issue, where Mahony has defied the Los Angeles County district attorney, Steve Cooley, and refused to cooperate with a proper investigation into priests who molested parishioners, the Cardinal is stepping beyond the law.

He should recognize his correct boundaries and observe them.

Immigration is a complex issue. The country has prospered on immigrants and in many respects they have contributed to American greatness.

But Cardinal Mahony apparently would simply throw open the borders and let everyone who wanted to to come in. That would create chaos and cause a rise of xenophobism

The Cardinal needs to have a sense of proportion about this, and other things as well. Otherwise, he is going to look like "Governor Moonbeam" and not even to his advantage.


Blogger Ed Padgett said...

All I can say regarding this matter Right on Cardinal Mahony

3/02/2006 7:11 AM  

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