Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Those Who Urge Suicide Bombings And Beheadings Have No Place In London

Written from Hamilton, New Zealand--

The British Government has properly declared that those who demonstrated at the Danish Embassy in London over last weekend, calling for beheading Danish cartoonists who depicted the Prophet Mohammed, or new suicide bombings, will be prosecuted under British law.

This is what we should expect. It is important that those Muslims and others who have immigrated to Western countries understand they must live by the democratic standards of those countries. If they are violent, or advocate violence, they should be deported without question, even if large numbers are involved.

In the aftermath of the cartoon riots and burnings, the fanaticism of Islamic extremists is clearer than ever. These people have no place in the West, and they are, increasingly, a menace.

It is striking on my visit to New Zealand how the newspapers here are filled with reports that New Zealand is somehow to pay a penalty for reprinting of some of the cartoons in local newspaers. New Zealand emissaries have been called in to see Iranian officials, for example, who tell them that trade pacts are being cancelled, costing New Zealand interests a potential of more than $100 million. Iran, as in the past, cannot wait to be rude and uncivilized.

This is tantamount to an attempt by Iran to still free voices in New Zealand.

It is striking, indeed, that such threats are being made against the world's most civilized countries, Austria, New Zealand, Denmark, Norway, Sweden.

And the answer from Western powers such as the U.S., Britain and France should be clear. We should denounce such threats in plain language. We should notify the perpetrators they will not be permitted to spread such tactics.

There is something of the early Nazi machinations in all this. When Nazism was not crushed it grew more virulent and finally had to be crushed.

Fanaticism is rising once again, as Albert Camus foresaw at the end of his book, The Plague. While not giving way to prejudice, both Europe and the U.S. must make it clear we will fight back against suicide jihadists. Otherwise, what happened over the weekend in Damascus and Beirut, just as the suicide bombings in Israel, Iraq, Pakistan and Jordan, are sure to intensify.


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Havnt we had enough of this crtoon business already


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