Monday, January 30, 2006

CNN International Blows The Hamas Story

Written in the former Portuguese Colony of Goa, India--

Who is directing CNN International's coverage? It is positively awful. BBC World is somewhat better. At least, it has some variety.

CNN International seems to believe only in talking heads, and the most predictable at that. In the present Hamas story, we see virtually nothing but the expected Palestinians, Israelis and various diplomats. All saying the most conventional things.

What do the Russians think? How about the Chinese, the Indians and the French?

One thing you really appreciate in reading the Indian press is how central the Middle Eastern story is these days to world concerns. There is about as much in the Delhi and Bombay papers about that, as there is in the L.A. Times. The Hamas story was huge here this week. Iraq is second.

There's a lot on the visit of the Saudi monarch to India, but very little in detail about what they might have talked about. The Indian government has just as much concern about Islamic fundamentalism as we do. What exactly are the Saudis saying?

I've been reading on the trip Stephen Coll's book, Ghost Wars, the CIA and Afghanistan from the Soviet Invasion to Sept. 10, 2001. This is a remarkable book and can be recommended unreservedly. The opening chapters build respect for Saudi intelligence services.

The fact is, Coll is worth hours. CNN International is worth virtually nothing.

This is a cable network in need of revitalization. I can't help but conclude they have never gotten over the demise of Tom Johnson, who, in many respects, was a top professional.

Also, CNN International is total pablum, not as good as regular CNN, which is not all that good itself.

There needs to be more critique in the great newspapers of CNN. I don't even mention Fox, which is not even seen very often in India. The Indians have better judgment than that.

I'm not just paying attention to the news here. My friends and I are going to dinner tonight with a horse owner whose steed has just won the Hyderabad Derby. It beats sitting in Los Angeles and never traveling.


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