Monday, September 12, 2005

End of 84-Day Trip to Alaska And Western Canada

Written from San Carlos, California --

Tomorrow marks the end of my 84-day trip to Alaska and Northwestern Canada, nearly 11,000 miles by car plus a ferry to the Aleutian Islands and a flight to Barrow.

It was a trip that met lifelong expectations, but I'm happy to get home to resume intensive reading of both the Los Angeles Times and New York Times plus some review of other media. The exact mileage upon arrival at home Tuesday evening was 10,911.

These are particularly crucial times at the LAT, where the editor and his choice as editorial page editor have both stepped down, and the struggle continues to preserve both circulation and advertising. I plan to do my bit at continuing to scrutinize the paper and to comment on what is going on there.

As I return home, I want to pay tribute once again to colleagues who died while I was away, the great David Shaw, City Hall correspondent Erwin Baker and the late office manager, Myer Rosenberg, whose passing became known after I left.

Two news developments over the summer -- the terrorist attacks on London and the hurricane on the Gulf Coast and New Orleans -- both greatly influenced events and were a focus of news coverage. Both were diligently covered by the media and won attention throughout the world.

My own feeling is that neither the Bush Administration nor the Tribune Co., really met expectations over the summer. Both must do berter or lose the support of those following them.

The months ahead will be critical. I'm back refreshed and determined to express my views regarding both of these and other topics.

The highpoints of my trip, as I look back on it, were driving the Alaska Highway, catching four big halibut in the Aleutians, staying at the Kachemak Wilderness Lodge, visiting Yellowknife in Canada's Northwest Territories, making many new friends and seeing two great parts of North America.


Blogger shelly sloan said...

Welcome back, Ken.

Now, say "Goodbye" to Michael Kinsley, who really never got here in the first place.

How the Times has fallen.

9/13/2005 4:18 AM  

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