Friday, September 02, 2005

Tribune, Incorribly Unambitious, Cuts Back Newsday, And Other Matters

Written from Bonners Ferry, Idaho--

The latest Tribune cutbacks in a former Times-Mirror newspaper, are taking place at Newsday, with Manhattan coverage being cut back and 45 buyouts being offered.

Nothing is more tiresome than fresh proof that the incompetents who run the Tribune Co. simply have no desire to improve the product. It's too bad they are not in another business, since they have little of the adventurous spirit of traditional news personnel.

I'm back in the U.S. tonight, working my way slowly south toward home, and am looking forward to seeing the L.A. Times and NYT again regularly and thus feeling free to comment in detail on developments at both newspapers.

Some things are a puzzle. This is a big news week, with the hurricane diasster and both President Bush and the people of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast struggling. So just why is the new LAT editor, Dean Baquet missing until Sept. 6?

He may have a good reason. But a vacation would not be such a reason. It would be desirable if he were at the helm this week. On the other hand, if memory serves me, Baquet might be from New Orleans originally. In other words, compelling family reasons might be responsible for his absense.

I spent a total of 38 days in Alaska and 31 days in Canada in the course of my trip. Canada is by and large an admirable country, with relations with the U.S. that could be better.

But it's often our fault, they are not better. Just this week, the Canadians offered help for New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. The Canadian Prime Minister called President Bush with the offer and three Canadian ships were said to be loaded and ready to depart with supplies, food, helicopters, military personnel, etc.

Why then was Bush so standoffish? He should have accepted the Canadians offer with thanks and given them an immediate go-ahead. It remains me of the Japanese being reluctant at the time of the Kobe earthquake in 1995 to accept American and other foreign help. That was silly of them and this is silly of us.


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