Sunday, April 27, 2008

Resurfacing Of Wright May Doom Obama Campaign

Written from Mombasa, Kenya--

The resurfacing of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, at the National Press Club no less, certainly is a terrible blow to Sen. Barack Obama. It probably destroys his chances to win the Indiana primary, and it could doom his entire campaign.

Wright is such a poison to Obama at this stage that, while not usually conspiratorially minded, I wonder if it's possible the Clintons may have somehow arranged his Press Club speech.

Since his San Francisco miscue, suggesting bitterness by blue collar Pennsylvanians who cling to religion and guns, Obama has been self-destructing, I'm afraid. On that Sunday, he was trailing Clinton by only four points in Pennsylvania and on the ascent. Since then, he has gone steadily down hill.

For various reasons I've described in recent months, Hillary is a terrible candidate. But now, she is on the offensive, and as Democratic National Chairman Howard Dean stated over the weekend, it is only correct for the Democratic super delegates to make a judgment as to who would have the best chance to defeat Sen. John McCain in November. Put this way, given Wright's blatherings, and, it may be, Obama's fatigue, Hillary is going to be the nominee.

In that event, this blog will support McCain.

But what a tragedy it is that the U.S. may miss the chance Obama seemed to afford for racial conciliation and less divisive government. He is more intelligent that Hillary and far, far more pleasant as a personality. Unlike her, he is honest, as much as any politician. Every time I see that awful woman, I cringe.

What can Obama do at this point? He has to criticize Wright sharply for seeking publicity at the very least. And whatever he does, it may be too late. With his inopportune comments, Wright is getting back at Obama, and at the American dream, which it is obvious he does not like. Or maybe, he is being paid to do so.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't care how much you dislike Hillary Clinton; supporting John McCain is dead wrong. Does this country really need four more years of neo-con leadership? At least Hillary will try to appoint worthy people to cabinet positions and the judiciary.
Is McCain really the lesser of two evils? Not in my book.

4/30/2008 7:31 AM  
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