Wednesday, December 26, 2007

This Blog Endorses McCain, Obama As Nominees

My blog is endorsing Sen. John McCain of Arizona for the 2008 GOP presidential nomination and Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois for the Democratic.

No candidate is perfect, each has drawbacks. But I believe both McCain and Obama are men of extraordinarily high character who can usher America forward into the next presidential term with ability, and with tolerance for all the diverse groups that make up America. Both, I believe, would be capable of managing America's vitally important role in the world, while developing economic and educational opportunities here at home.

There are other good candidates, but they have neither shown the resilience nor the capacity for inspirational leadership that McCain and Obama have. (Now, if Patti Solid Doyle, Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, were running herself, I might feel differently). I have great respect for Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico, but he has a better chance to be the next Secretary of State than the next President. Clinton of New York, former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina and former Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts have put on vigorous campaigns, but have proved changeable on many issues.

John McCain has served the nation in many capacities. The son and grandson of U.S. Navy admirals, he attended the Naval Academy and flew combat missions in the Vietnam war, being shot down over North Vietnam and spending five and a half years in enemy captivity, during which time he resisted torture and turned down an opportunity to be freed early by his captors, because of his family's military prominence. As a U.S. Senator and a presidential candidate, he has often struck tones of enlightenment and bipartisanship the country needs.

The greatest question about him is his age. At 71, McCain would be the oldest president ever elected, and, as someone pointed out in commenting on a blog a few days ago, this reminds one of the illness that shadowed Ronald Reagan's second term. McCain seems in relatively good health now, but who can say how he will hold up for four or eight years? It is important, if he won the GOP nomination, that he take a younger, vigorous running mate fully capable of assuming the presidency, if any health emergency should force him to step down.

This said, however, I believe that, compared to the other GOP candidates, McCain is the best. Not the least of his attractive attributes is his strong stand for fighting the Iraq war to a successful conclusion, and I also agree with his progressive stand on immigration issues. If McCain were the GOP nominee and Obama the Democratic, I believe that McCain would run an honorable campaign, and not try to use the racial issue against Obama.

Barack Obama is an inspiring example of young idealism, intelligence and commitment to principle. All of these attributes make him an outstanding candidate. Growing up from a biracial background, spending time as a youth abroad and in multiracial Hawaii, an extremely talented student at the Harvard Law School, where he headed the Law Review, serving as a community organizer, legislator in Illinois and then the state's U.S. Senator, he has never ceased to be distinguished and to develop his abilities. His equitable temperament, wonderful family and tremendous speaking ability have made him already a hero to countless Americans.

It is sometimes said that Obama is inexperienced. But he has had a lot of experience in pursuits that count, and he is four years older than John Kennedy or Theodore Roosevelt when they assumed the presidency. I am certain he would name an able cabinet, and presume he too would be careful in his selection of a running mate.

I will freely acknowledge that I do not agree with Obama's stand against the war. But he has made it clear in his campaign that he would forcefully defend the interests of the USA in the world, even while pursuing diplomatic contacts abroad and economic and educational opportunities at home.

Between McCain and Obama, I have not yet made up my mind. Many months must pass, and both must surmount the obstacles ahead of them, before I need pick one over the other.

America, and the rest of the world, which have such a stake in a successful outcome of the 2008 presidential race, are fortunate to have two such fine candidates in the field as McCain and Obama. It is with great respect for them, and fond hopes for the future, that this blog is supporting them.


The L.A. Times consumer columnist, David Lazarus, suggests in a provocative column this morning that the news gathering of the major newspapers not be made available over the Internet free of charge, and, that without charging, many papers will not survive.

I do not agree. As Google and Yahoo prove, advertising revenues can be made sufficient to keep Internet news free. The trend certainly this year has been toward free access to the big newspapers. The New York Times has made its entire Web free to readers and the Wall Street Journal is considering doing so. We have to go forward for a long time yet, without onerous charges that would restrict readers' ability to learn as much as they can about what is going on in the world.



Anonymous Pat Speer said...

High character? McCain's beer mongering family bought him his house seat. He was a Keating Five senator, someone who has taken bribes. He made his progressive reputation selling out for the liberal media--restricting political speech--keeping the medias voice inviolate. Most movement conservatives, from George Will to Matt Drudge despise him. His nomination will likely tear the Republican Party apart. Maybe that's what you want?

12/26/2007 3:37 PM  
Anonymous Please vote for REAL change said...

It is sad that you think someone should be President because they have been in the Navy and served their country, and you dont mention any real ideas. McCain agreed on amnesty of every illegal immigrant, he wants to keep us in Iraw for 100 years, and he has said he does not care about social or economic problems. If you want the stock market and our economy to keep crashing and going even farther south than they already are then vote for McCain. We are over 11 trillion dollars in debt becasue the government does not know how to spend money. They just print money when they want more, driving inflation and borrowing left and right. Who cares what religion they are, or if they support abortion, or were in the Navy. This country needs someone to fix the financial problems we are in. The countries we owe money to could buy every house, car, building, and piece of land in this country at least 3 if not 4 times over. So anything you think you own you dont! Open your eyes and realize there are more important problems and wathcing Fox News and CNN can not tell you who to vote for.

2/06/2008 1:59 PM  

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