Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Canada's VIA Rail Service Truly Excellent

Written From Winnipeg--

I have little time to write this before the train leaves for the West. But I'm happy to be able to recommend Canada's transcontinental train service without reservation..

It is better unquestionably than Amtrak. The food is better, and so is the service. This is a trip well worth taking, and many Americans, but few Californians are aboard. In fact, I have yet to meet anyone from California.
.But I have met quite a few Southerners. Over the prime rib, last night, I talked politics with a knowledgable South Carolinian, who thought Giuliani and Clinton would be the nominees.

Canada's a big country and it takes three days to cross it. VIA Rail is not cheap, but it's good, with a great tour book to accompany each passenger, comofrtavble roomettes and a most accommodating staff.

There is some worry here that the Canadian dollar is too high, with one Canadian dollar worth $1.03 American.



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