Sunday, June 10, 2007

Palestinian Authority Issues Fatwa Vs. Emigration

The striking news comes today that the mufti of the Palestinian Authority has issued a fatwa against Muslim emigration from the Palestinian territories, the West Bank and Gaza, in an attempt, it appears, to keep up the Arab population pressure on Israel.

The Palestinian Authority is quoted as saying that 45,00o Palestinians, fed up with the miserable conditions (the Palestinians have primarily caused for themselves), have applied for permits to move, mostly to Europe, Canada and the United States, not, it is interesting, to other Arab countries.

It is, of course, wrong for so-called religious authorities, to try, in their usual fanatical way, to dictate where their believers should want to live. Fatwas are one of the beastly characteristics of Islam.

But, beyond this, it would be extremely foolish for countries such as the United States, Canada, Sweden, England, Germany and France to accept more Palestinian immigration. It would only cause more trouble here, certainly. A recent poll of American Muslims has already shown that 26% support suicide bombings. Why would we want to facilitate a spread of Palestinian misbehavior outside the Palestinian territories when every day we see how badly the Palestinians behave?

It might be argued that the Palestinians who desire to leave are primarily good people, who want to escape bad conditions. But if so, let them escape them to other Arab countries. It is too risky to allow them here. The Palestinians already here, for the most part, have made little effort to assimilate, unlike most other immigrants.

Word also comes today that several of the evil doers from Arab terrorist groups sought to cross over into Israel from Gaza in an attempt to kidnap more Israelis, and that as a means of subterfuge, they decorated their truck to appear that it was a press vehicle. The Israelis weren't fooled, and the attempt was stopped with no Israeli casualties.

But this is another example of terrorist depravity -- making use of the press to undertake deadly terrorist operations. It is a further step from the kidnapping of reporters foolish enough to cross over into Gaza or make residence there, as did BBC reporter Alan Johnson, now held many weeks by the terrorists.

The Palestinians are repaying a gullible press which frequently has supported their cause, with these evil acts. What they prove, without question, is that right lies on the Israeli side in the Israeli-Arab conflict.

In other depraved acts on Sunday, both Hamas and Fatah, the rivals in Gaza, threw opponents off high rise buildings, killing both of them. Hamas started this new form of slaughter, and it was followed up later in the day by Fatah. Palestinians are imaginative; they have repeatedly found new ways to kill people, outrageously.

The Palestinian Authority has unfortunately burned so many bridges, in the West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and wherever Palestinians reside, that gradually they have lost most of their support in the rest of the world. So be it. We cannot help those who don't have enough brains to help themselves.


The New York Times reports that the cutbacks at American newspapers have extended to covering classical music. Several papers, such as those in Atlanta and Minneapolis, have fired their classical music critics or allowed them to take buyouts. The result is less support for classical music in the affected cities.

This is really too bad, and points up once again that newspapers have many different constituencies. No one reads a whole newspaper. Everyone reads the sections they like, and when newspapers cut back on covering classical music, certain sports, the stock tables, and so forth, they merely encourage people to cancel their subscriptions and seek their news elsewhere. In this context, the L.A. Times sports section did not directly cover, with a Times staff writers, for the first time this month either the French Open or the Belmont Stakes.

Fortunately, the L.A. Times has (not yet) gotten rid of its music critic, Mark Swed, but give FitzSimons, Hiller and O'Shea a chance, and they probably will.



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