Sunday, March 18, 2007

Where Are The "Good" Muslims, Human Rights People?

As the terrorists in Iraq sink to new lows, unleashing gas attacks on other Muslims, injuring hundreds, where are the world's "moderate" Muslims, and where are the human rights organizations? Why aren't they speaking out?

These issues are raised in one of the "talk back" features of the Jerusalem Post today, and three observations in particular are highly pertinent.

"If the Israelis defend themselves, everyone condemns Israel," one reader observes. "But when Muslims slaughter each other, no Muslims cry out, What a shame."

This point is answered by a Tunisian signing himself only as Ravi. "As a Muslim and an Arab," he writes, "I am ashamed of my own people gassing each other. This is not my real name because they will gas me if I speak out."

And someone from Great Britain observes, "Using chlorine gas is a violation of the Geneva Convention. Where is the U.N? Amnesty? The EU? Human Rights Watch?"

To this, I might add, where are the editors of the New York Times and Los Angeles Times today? They fail to print the news of the chlorine gas attacks on Page 1. Spiritually, it is reminiscent of the World War II editors who relegated the first reports of the Holocaust to the back pages. The L.A. Times story, by Tina Susman and Christian Berthelsen, however, running on Page 3, was quite good and gave interesting background to the gas attacks.

(A friend adds, meanwhile, where are the women's organizations, often so silent about the way Muslims treat women?)

Are all these people fearful, as the man from Tunisia suggests. Or are they insensitive to the gross brutalities of our age?

It is probably a little of both.

But the fact is, the war cannot end until the "good" people of the Earth really come out against the evil doers who would destroy the freedoms of us all.

American, British and to a lesser extent Canadian, Australian and Dutch soldiers are fighting the terrorists in Iraq and/or Afghanistan, just as the Israelis are fighting them in the Holy Land. Where is the rest of the world?

Some of the human rights people have been speaking out in Darfur, where 200,000 black Muslims have been massacred by the evil Muslim regime in the Sudan. But not to much effect thus far.



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