Thursday, January 04, 2007

Tales Of Lying and Craziness In Iraq And Iran

Is there any reason for the U.S. Government to give one day's support more to the murderous barbaric Shiite regime of Nouri al-Maliki in Iraq? Probably not.

In the execution of the tyrant Saddam Hussein, it now turns out that Maliki's National Security Advisor, Mowafflak al-Rubaie, who was at the scene, was lying through his teeth when he told CNN's Anderson Cooper shortly afterwards than the execution had been accomplished with unsullied dignity in a thoroughly decorous atmosphere.

Just hours later, a video surfaced which showed masked Shiite guards taunting Saddam, screaming the name of the Shiite killer, Moktada al-Sadr, (whose father he had once ordered executed) in his face and, as a last message before the trap door sprung, telling Saddam he was bound for hell. Saddam himself behaved with comparative dignity, although there are suggestions that perhaps he was given a sedative before being handed over by the Americans to be taken to the gallows.

Now, Rubaie admits to Cooper that the guards danced around Saddam's body after the hanging, although he denies a suggestion that he (Rubaie) may have actually been one of those who videotaped the execution. Dancing around the body is an old Iraqi tradition, he remarked on CNN last night, which may explain the conduct of Iraqi mobs when four American contractors were murdered a couple of years ago and hung from the nearest power lines.

Why exactly is Cooper continuing to interview Rubaie when he has already turned out to be a bald-faced liar and an exponent of barbaric practices which, as an observer declared last night, reveal the "dark soul" of Iraq?

While the State Department and the U.S. military assail the Iraqis for rushing to hang Saddam and then presiding over cruel treatment to the condemned until the last possible moment, the White House declines to be critical. However, a White House spokesman Wednesday did warn the Maliki government to exert "appropriate care" in future executions.

That weak response is an affront to the American soldiers who have been fighting and dying in Iraq, and for what? To preserve the Maliki government's policy of murdering thousands of fellow-citizens, who happen to be Sunni, in the streets and homes of Baghdad?

Now, let us pass to Iran, where we learn that one Mohammed Ali Ramin, an advisor to the fanatic Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is expounding on his own explanation of the World War II holocaust.

Hitler was Jewish, Ramin declares, was working to establish the state of Israel, and may have expressed some anti-Jewish sentiments because his mother was a Jewish whore.

This man obviously should be committed to an insane asylum. But this is also the regime that the Baker Commission suggests we negotiate with for a Middle Eastern settlement.

This is like saying that Rep. Leo Ryan should have continued negotiations with Rev. Jim Jones, after his party was fired upon at the airport near Jonestown and poisonous Kool ade was being distributed to hundreds of Jones' hapless followers. Of course, regardless what Baker would have advised him, Ryan couldn't negotiate, because he had been shot and killed.

In injecting ourselves into the Middle East, whether it be for a high minded goal of bringing democracy to these ignorance miscreants, or for a low minded devotion to protecting oil supplies, it is becoming clearer and clearer that, if we are going to stay, we have to take over completely, get rid of the scoundrels who have come to power and install our own government, possibly of the Kurds. In short, we have to start over.

Otherwise, we are only digging ourselves deeper, as we may be regardless. If the consequences of leaving are too dire, as they well may be, then a total colonial regime is in order. Most Iraqis have forfeited any right they once had to try to govern themselves.



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