Friday, December 15, 2006

Kerry And Other Cut-And-Runners Should Stay Away From Syria

--Written from San Carlos, California

Three Democratic senators, Ben Nelson, Chris Dodd and now, John Kerry, have either already seen or will see the thug who is the president of Syria, Bashir Assad. They are not doing America any good on these trips, and they have no business going to Syria.

It used to be a standard of American law that unofficial emissaries weren't permitted to practice foreign policy while abroad. However, that is now a rule honored more in the breach.

The three Democratic senators undertake their Syrian trips in the wake of the foolish advice of the Baker Commission that America ought to seek Middle Eastern peace by appealing to both Syria and Iran. However, President Bush and Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice have already rejected that advice as counterproductive. It would, under present circumstances, be perceived throughout the world as negotiating from weakness, and there is no evidence either of these countries are showing any good will.

Kerry is a particularly significant example of someone actually doing the U.S. interests in the region harm by consorting with evil doers like Assad, who is under suspicion in the assassinations of pro-Western officials in Lebanon, and is, in his own country, a terrible tyrant, like his father.

Kerry, the former Democratic presidential candidate, has behaved more and more disgracefully as time has gone by. Before the Mid Term elections, he had to suspend campaigning after he insulted American troops in Iraq with his "botched joke" that they were uneducated fools who had gotten "stuck" there. Just this week, Kerry, as phony as a three-dollar bill, is quoted as advising Time magazine to name the U.S. veteran as Person of the Year. This, of course, is an attempt to overcome his pre-election remark about the troops.

Even before that, Kerry was one of just a few senators who tried to advance legislation for a precipitate withdrawal from Iraq, conceding the war, and giving terrorists full sway in the Middle East. As far back as the Vietnam war, Kerry, after first exhibiting heroism in combat, later helped the enemy by arguing America should quit.

Now, Kerry is running off to see Assad. It reminds one of Lloyd George's visit to Hitler in the 1930s, when he came away saying what a gentleman he thought Hitler was.

As for Dodd, he also has made a fool of himself lately. He was supposedly a great friend of Joe Lieberman, the other senator from Connecticut. But when Lieberman was forced to run an independent campaign after being defeated in the Democratic primary by peacenik Ned Lamont, Dodd quickly abandoned the friendship and backed Lamont. Fortunately, Lieberman won.

Now Dodd too runs off to see Assad.

Are the American taxpayers paying for the travels of these craven appeasers? I'll bet we are.



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