Monday, November 06, 2006

Democrats Will Certainly Win The House, And Probably The Senate

--written from London

It seems very uncommon here to find anyone who wishes President Bush well in the Mid Term election, and my sense right along has been that these folks will be satisfied to see the House and Senate revert to Democratic control.

I think the President has frittered away time without coming up with a plan in Iraq and that he has nobody but himself to blame for his difficulties. Very few Presidents in American history would have stuck with Donald Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense as long as he has.

He may say he is going to keep him now, but if he fares badly tomorrow, he will have to change positions.

Predictions are always chancy in elections, but I expect to see the Democrats take the House easily, and I would think they will skim through with six or seven gains for Senate control. I expect also that Lieberman will be reelected in Connecticut.

But it is by no means certain a Democratic victory will mean that much change in Iraq. A poll last week said that only 27% of Americans think we should withdraw from the war, even though most are against it.

There is apt to be a new order in Washington after tomorrow, and it may be a contentious two years until the next election.



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