Sunday, September 17, 2006

Not Only Notre Dame, But NBC, Drop The Ball

--Written from Norwich, Vt.

It was a disastrous day for Notre Dame, as they gave the ball up repeatedly on turnovers, and Michigan rolled to a 47 to 21 victory at South Bend.

But it was just as bad a day for NBC, which cannot seem to get the idea that when you're showing college football, the audience doesn't want continual promotions of professional football.

Since NBC won a contract this year to show Sunday night football, that's all its announcers talk about, and it spoils the college football telecast. It is representative of the terrible press and broadcasting faults of over-advertising.

Something has to shut these folks up. Maybe the U.S. military should get involved.

Yesterday, NBC didn't even have a real halftime show. They gave a few scores of other games, but then they went immediately into something nobody watching cared about, the next day's pro game.

I've made the point before. Pro football is the most overrated sport since cock fights were started. Los Angeles is very lucky not to have a professional football team. May we never have one. And overhyping is one of the worst sins of the media.

If NBC can't stick to the subject on Saturdays, maybe the Notre Dame game should be moved to cable, not network TV., television.



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