Sunday, July 23, 2006

L.A. County Supervisors Use 64 Cars At Taxpayer Expense

For once, L.A. Times columnist Steve Lopez lacks a little imagination this morning.

In another brilliant column, on the peccadilloes of Los Angeles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich and the four other supervisors, Lopez concludes with a possible security excuse to justify Antonovich having two expensive Cadillacs purchased and running at the expense of taxpayers.

"Actually, it could be a security issue," he remarks. "Maybe, both Cadillacs are driven to public events, with Antonovich behind the tinted glass of one, and a dummy or a double behind the glass of the other. Just like a king."

This is where Lopez lacked imagination. He could have ended it with this sentence, "Just like Saddam Hussein."

After all, the Iraqi dictator, now engaged in a hunger strike (as if his death would punish anyone but himself), frequently used dummies to reduce the chances of being assassinated.

Of course, in fairness to Lopez, I must admit Antonovich is not in much danger of being assassinated. Anyone with that kind of grudge against political society would want to see Antonovich continue to live, since the greatest offense against society is his continued existence as a Los Angeles County Supervisor.

Actually, Lopez's supervisor columns are among his best, and each one builds on another. The column today discloses that the five corrupt and inept supervisors are buying and running a total 0f 64 gas-guzzling cars at the present time at taxpayer expense, all while cutting funds to help poverty-stricken children and the ill.

What is the answer to this offense against the body politic? Two of these supervisors, Zev Yaroslavsky and Gloria Molina, were just reelected against negligible opposition.

I think all five should be forced to resign, and new elections called for their posts. They have all served too long. They all are worthless as public servants. We must be rid of all of them as soon as possible.

A campaign to bring about their resignations should begin as soon as possible, and should not end until they are all gone. Since they are apparently so well protected against assassination, let me stress, only legal means pf political pressure ought to be used.

What next? Maybe, Lopez will discover that the public is paying for diamond rings for each supervisor, so that, like the pope, constituents can kiss their rings rather than their asses.


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