Saturday, May 27, 2006

Endorsements In The June 6 Primary

The race between State Controller Steve Westly and State Treasurer Phil Angelides for the Democratic nomination for governor, is so nasty, with so many charges and counter charges about which special interests are backing whom, that in that contest I can't rationally decide who to endorse. I once thought Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger would be turned out of office in November. I'm now not so sure. Just today the L.A. Times has a front page story about Westly taking campaign contributions and then seeking to save Barnes and Noble $22 million in taxes. But Angelides too has been tagged with taking special interest money.

These are endorsements I will make:

U.A. Senate. Sen. DIANNE FEINSTEIN, the incumbent Democrat, is strongly recommended for reelection. She is one of the most influential senators and she has served this state well in Washington. Her independence is noteworthy and her honesty unquestioned.

Lt. Governor: JOHN GARAMENDI has vast experience and has been determined in all his jobs, in the Legislature and the Insurance Commissioner's office, to serve the public interest. He is the best choice for the Democratic nomination. State Sen. TOM MCCLINTOCK is the best choice for the Republican nomination.

Democratic Attorney General: JERRY BROWN has served the state as Secretary of State and two terms as governor (1975-83). More recently, he has served as mayor of Oakland. Now, at 68, he is trying to become attorney general. From a fabled political family, Brown has personality quirks, but he is the best choice for this important office.

Congress: I back the incumbent representative, JANE HARMAN, for renomination and reelection in this South Bay district. Head of the House Intelligence Committee, Harman represents the Democratic center and has been invaluable in Washington.

State Assembly: In my own home district, I support MIKE FEUER for the Democratic nomination. He was an outstanding Los Angeles City Councilman and will be just as good a legislator. His race with Democrat Abbe Land is heavily contested, with multiple mailings on both sides, but Feuer is, in my view, the better choice.

Board of Equalization: Assemblywoman JUDY CHU has distinguished herself in a number of jobs, the latest of which has been chairwoman of the important Assembly Appropriations Committee. I have known her since she was leading Olympics-related demonstrations on the UCLA campus, and this will be the latest step in a promising career.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ken. Just correcting a typo--it's Mike Feuer, not Matt. Please feel free to delete this posting after correcting. Thanks!

5/28/2006 11:40 AM  
Blogger Luke said...

Maybe you missed the fact that Feinstein voted for the Bankruptcy "Reform" bill. She's a god damn republican in sheep's clothing. I'm abstaining. !@#$!@#$ her.

5/29/2006 9:38 AM  

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