Friday, April 28, 2006

Brian Williams Offers A Good Nightly News

The NBC network and its evening anchor, Brian Williams, continue to deserve high marks for their presentation of the news.

NBC's Washington bureau chief, Tim Russert, is incisive in his commentary, and the New Orleans bureau NBC opened after Hurricane Katrina has been a frequent contributor and a real service on a big story.

Just last night Williams was in New Orleans for a visit by President Bush, and interviewed the President on the air in what was an interview marked by some tough questioning, and personable Bush responses.

Williams and NBC work hard to give the public what it apparently wants, with a feature of people who are doing some good in the world at the same time as extensive reporting on Iraq and other points in the Middle East. Also, the White House reporting is good.

This shows that a network can attract a large audience without pandering to the public as CNN and Fox often do.

Williams is not afraid to express some restrained opinions himself, but he is nothing like Fox's often obnoxious and redundent Bill O'Reilly or CNN's Lou Dobbs. He is clearly dedicated to civil rights, which every American newscaster should be.

Altogether, the Williams nightly news shows everything a network should be and too often isn't.


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